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"Adina and I just wanted to thank you for making our wedding so incredible. You really set the tone and mood of the wedding exactly how we wanted it throughout the entire night and it really made it so special for us. Many people have told us over the past two weeks that our wedding was one of the most amazing, beautiful, and fun weddings they had ever been to and much of the credit for that goes to you.Thanks again for helping make our night so special and unforgettable" Adina and Marty Spiewak

Dear Eitan, I've been meaning to write you since the chasuna, but a few days after that we traveled to Eretz Yisroel (where we are now) and I haven't had much chance to do so.  I just wanted to tell you that the music was wonderful and that it was a beautiful, beautiful performance on your part, all the way through, chuppah, simcha, everything, and I want to thank you deeply for helping make our chasuna so beautiful and geshmack. Everyone -Mexicans, Americans, Chaim Berliners- raved about the music, so thank you. I wish I had gotten to hang out more with you! But that would have been tough...I remember you told me that it was very geshmack for you, if you care to share any thoughts or impressions, I'd be happy to hear them.Thanks again and all the best, see you soon hopefully, shavua tov.  Daniel & Esther Stern

"We were privileged to have Eitan Katz and his band at our wedding. It was exactly what we wanted: gorgeous music for the chuppah, and energizing music for the dancing. Eitan was a pleasure to work with -- kind, caring, and professional. We strongly recommend using Eitan Katz's wedding band for your s'machot."Yael & Jonathan Green

"We couldn't have ever imagined that the music at our wedding would add so much to the overwhelming joy we felt on that special day. Eitan Katz's magical voice and his talented band glorified the holiness of the chuppah and elevated our dancing to a whole new rocking level! Thanks Eitan for an unforgettable experience!!!  May we only share simcha!!"Martha & Yehuda Meyers 

"During sheva brachos my wife and I were talking and trying to relive the chassana but it was one giant blur. The only thing we could remember clearly was how amazing Eitan and his band were. The ruach, the love, and the simcha he brought to our simcha was beyond comprehension. He even suprised us at the end with my favorite niggun that he learned how to play just for our wedding. The reason why we picked Eitan and his band to play by our simcha was simple. Being one of the last guys of my friends to get married I got to experience other bands and one thing stood out specific by Eitan he brings a certain uniqueness to the simcha. Without fail every time I have seen him play at a wedding it's as if he is playing by his best friend/family members simcha. He just is so happy to be apart of your simcha and to be given the responsibility to set the mood and tone of the simcha. He was given a gift and utilizes that gift to make yidishe simchas memorable.                                                                                              His emotion is contagious through his music and even if it's your 3rd wedding that week you can't help get excited when you hear him play. I believe it's because מה שיוצא מן הלב נכנס ללב״" what comes out of ones heart enters another ones heart. And Eitan plays with all his heart. Thank you for making our wedding such an amazing experience for us."Etai & Penina stern

Hi Eitan, We hope you and your family are well! We apologize for the big delay ( we've been meaning and wanting to email you for a long time... since our wedding!) to say thank you so much for making our day so special. We absolutely loved the music during the bedekin, chuppah, dancing... Everything was so beautiful and so leibadic -- exactly how we hoped -- and we can't thank you enough for your ruach and excitement throughout. It was such a pleasure meeting you and we are so happy that you were able to enhance our wedding the way you did. Your motto "pure simcha" fits you and your band perfectly! Thank you so much. May you be blessed with endless Hatzlacha and Simcha in every future Simcha in which you take part. We hope to see you soon! Rebecca and Bradley Goldstoff

"We had a vision about what the music at our wedding would sound like. Not only did you make that vision a reality, you exceeded our expectations. The heart and soul that was put into the music created a spiritual experience for us as well as everyone that was there!! Thank you!!"Stephanie & Alex Lubat

"Ben and I feel a tremendous amount of Hakarat Hatov toward you for providing the music, and the soul, at our wedding and would be honored to do anything to help you continue doing what you do best. You should know that we tell anyone who is single and will listen that they should hire you for their simcha. As we told you before our wedding, we scheduled our Simcha around you. Before a hall, caterer, photographer or even a date was decided on, we knew we wanted you and your music at our Simcha. An Eitan Katz wedding is unlike any other kind of wedding and we knew we wanted that something special, something more meaningful and more soulful, at our wedding. Thank you for making our Simcha even more uplifting and more leibadig than we could have ever imagined."Elisheva & Ben Langstein

"Adam and I just wanted to say (a HUGE) thank you to you and your entire band for making our simcha so special. You really set the tone for the entire wedding, and there's no way it would have been as fun, emotional, and special without each of you.  Many of our guests continue to comment on how great you guys were, too! We're so grateful, and appreciate your professionalism and dedication to making our simcha perfect. We look forward to seeing you at future smachot!"Dorothy & Adam Moskovich